Hamstring Testing System


Hamstring Testing System

Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualisation and cloud analytics, the NordBord accurately measures, monitors, and trains an individual’s hamstring strength and imbalance.

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NordBord Hamstring Testing System
Performing prone isometric hamstring strength test
NordBord Hamstring Testing System
Preparing to perform Nordic test
NordBord Hamstring Testing System
Performing Nordic test
NordBord Hamstring Testing System
Performing razor test

The king of hamstring testing

The NordBord is the fastest, easiest and most reliable method for eccentric and isometric hamstring strength training.

Since its creation, the NordBord has become the gold standard for field-based hamstring strength assessment, and is used by hundreds of the world’s most elite sporting organisations and defence departments.

How the NordBord works

Research is in our D.N.A

The NordBord was invented by leading sports science researchers Dr. Tony Shield and Dr. David Opar, who went on to publish powerful findings from Australian Rules Football, Soccer and Rugby (among other) cohorts which would revolutionise how elite sporting organisations understand, manage and rehabilitate hamstring strain injuries.

Other leading researchers around the world continue to use the NordBord to measure, improve and understand hamstring strength and injury risk, allowing high performance professionals to get more and more value from their NordBords over time as our collective knowledge base deepens.

Visibility creates accountability.

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Test and train isometric and eccentric hamstring strength.

With its simple, easy-to-use design, the NordBord can be used to quickly and easily measure hamstring strength and imbalance in a range of positions and exercises.

  • Eccentric


  • Isometric

    60º hip flexion
    90º hip flexion
    Custom positions



Fast. Comfortable. Portable.

The NordBord’s sleek, simplistic design is deceptively comfortable and sturdy, whilst being easy to set-up and portable.
NordBord hardware

Built for comfort

The NordBord’s knee pad is made of deceptively soft and durable foam, ensuring comfort for your athletes during both isometric and

Numbered knee positions

Record your athletes’ knee position in the NordBord app to speed-up setup for future tests, and to enable calculation of torque (as well




Test. Monitor. Train.

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