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Technology for performance

in the water. in the gym. on the track. on the field. on the court.

Team sports. Individual sports. Olympic sports. 
Court, field, water, track and motor sports.

VALD technology helps measure, monitor and improve performance for every sport.

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Get a holistic sport-specific
view of performance.

You know the demands and key performance indicators for your sport. We help you measure, monitor and improve them.

For example, in order to excel, footballers need:

  • speed,

  • agility,

  • endurance,

  • lower limb strength and

  • explosive jump performance.

With a VALD technology assessment battery, measure all these traits and more, then monitor them on a single dashboard.

Trusted by the best...

VALD technology is used and trusted by the world’s most elite sports teams, leagues and academies to provide unique insights into their athletes’ performance, progress and rehabilitation.

  • Champions

  • NCAA

  • NFL

  • MLB

  • NBA

  • MLS

  • NHL

  • Super Rugby

  • Olympic Teams

... trusted by the next best.

Not simply reserved for the pros, VALD technology is used around the world to assess and develop the next generation of athletes.

From talent identification to benchmarking and from the classroom to the field, youth sports, schools and sporting academies trust VALD technology to give their up-and-coming athletes the best shot at success.

Our technology in your sport.

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Baselining, readiness, rehab, TID.

From grassroots to the Premier League - football teams use VALD technology daily to develop, monitor and manage performance in their athletes, as well as to benchmark against norms from over 100,000 other male and female football athletes around the world.

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Jump, cut, dive, sprint, recover.

Basketball, volleyball, handball and other court-based sports use VALD technology to measure and improve jump performance, agility, speed and more, as well as to monitor recovery in gruelling competition schedules.

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Nothing amateur about it.

College athletics have proven they are just as elite as the pros, so they need the data to match.

With so many different sports and athletes on a single campus, managing them can be an enormous challenge.

VALD technology helps streamline data collection and centralize data to ensure every team, coach and athlete gets what they need.

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Developing the next generation.

Not simply confined to elite sports, high schools use VALD technology from the field to the classroom to identify talent, develop students’ physical performance and even to teach physics, biomechanics, sport and exercise science and more.

Explore our sport-specific normative data reports.

Our clients have access to a large library of normative data reports on dozens of sports, leagues and athlete categories.

Powered by de-identified data from hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world, these reports provide powerful context on your athletes’ performance in their specific sport and - in some cases - their exact position on the field.

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We exist to help you and your athletes succeed.

We partner with you on your VALD technology implementation journey. Our client success team is with you every step of the way as you introduce new process into your team. We’re here to help you, your team and your athletes succeed.

We have a dedicated team of people. We strive to provide personalized service with face to face, human touch. Every client is given one-to-one onboarding, and personal check-ins. Your success is our success.

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Our people helping people

From the moment you start with VALD, our team work with you and your team. We will seamlessly implement our technology into your daily workflows.

How we help you >

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Training on your terms

We provide education with webinars, articles and support materials. Best practices and experiences of industry experts, so you can get the most out of your technology.

Training options >

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Help when you need it

VALD is with you all the way. Our 24/7 support team will back you up, assisting with any questions you have. We hold quarterly check-ins to ensure you're supported every step of the way.

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Let’s talk performance.

We will work with you to best determine how the VALD technology can measure, monitor and improve improve performance in your team.