Clinically-curated, mobile-accessible educational content for athletes, for free.

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Education delivered where it’s needed: alongside exercises, outcomes and reports.

As important as profiling, monitoring, prescribing exercise and tracking outcomes are in an athlete’s rehab journey, their results may be limited if they are not properly educated about their condition.

MSKed features a wide range of educational content on common musculoskeletal pathologies and related topics to ensure athletes understand not just what they need to do, but why they need to do it.

Easy-to-understand educational content for athletes.

MSKed content has been built with a team of practitioners, ensuring your athletes get the right message about their condition and can understand what they might experience during their rehabilitation or management journey.

130+ educational topics, curated by practitioners.

From anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and ankle sprains to acromioclavicular (AC) pain and patella tendinopathy, MSKed features a wide range of educational topics on common MSK pathologies to help educate your athletes.


Prescribe educational content to athletes in under one minute. 

MSKed content is built into VALD Hub, allowing you to select and prescribe educational content to your athletes with just a few clicks, and even do so alongside their exercise programs and wellness questionnaires.


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