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Technology for any
definition of performance. 

Whether your people need to perform on the field, on the court, at the Olympics, in the research lab, in saving lives or in daily life, we provide the technology to help you measure, monitor and improve it.


Measure what matters.

VALD technology is designed for human performance, no matter what shape or form that takes.

  • Sporting teams at elite, collegiate, Olympic and grassroots levels use VALD systems to benchmark, monitor, improve and rehabilitate their athletes.

  • First responders use VALD systems to monitor their teams and ensure they are ready when duty calls.

  • Performing arts teams use VALD systems to assess, develop and prepare their performers for the stage.


From little league
to the major leagues.

Professional Sports

Our solutions are trusted by the world’s most elite sporting teams to assess, monitor and improve their athletes’ performance.

These teams use VALD technology daily to determine if their athletes are ready to perform, if they need a rest or if they need a change.

Collegiate Sports

With so many different sports and athletes on a single campus, managing them can be an enormous challenge.

VALD technology helps streamline data collection and centralize data to ensure every team, coach and athlete gets what they need.

Olympic and Paralympic Sports

Olympic teams, sporting academies and national sporting organizations (NSO) around the world rely on VALD technology to ensure athletes in every sport and with every ability are in peak physical condition.

They also use VALD systems to identify and develop the next generation of Olympic stars.

School Sports

Not simply reserved for the tip of the spear, schools around the world use VALD technology to develop their students both physically and intellectually, and to identify the next generation of superstars.


Technology for the field
and the classroom.

School sport and physical education has come a long way since the days of running laps, counting push-ups and assessing performance with a tape measure.

Today’s schools use VALD systems not just to assess and develop their student-athletes with the same technology as elite sporting teams, but also in the classroom. ForceDecks are used to teach Newton’s laws of physics, HumanTrak is used to teach biomechanics, TeleHab is used to teach exercise programming and more.

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Technology for research.

VALD technology was born out of research and continues to be used extensively by researchers and universities around the world, both to investigate human performance and injury risk, and in curricula to prepare the next generation of performance professionals for the field.


Performance data, personalized.

With the rise in demand for personalized health and fitness, private gyms, performance centers and clinics have embraced VALD systems to deliver elite technology to their members. These businesses are making hyper-personalized performance data accessible to everyone, no matter their level of physical fitness or capabilities.

Better yet, VALD’s extensive normative data reports allow members to benchmark themselves against their idols in dozens of different professional sporting leagues.


Be ready to respond.

First responders are elite athletes in their own regard, and are being increasingly treated as such. When duty calls, they must be ready to perform at the highest level, often at a moment’s notice.

VALD technology is used and trusted to prepare and gauge readiness for:

  • Fire and rescue

  • Police

  • Ambulance and paramedics

  • Military

Be ready to perform.

Ballet dancers, circus performers and other performing artists have long been subjected to gruelling training and performance schedules, often even more so than their counterparts in elite sport. These disciplines take their toll on performers, who traditionally had little to no data to protect them from overtraining.

With VALD technology, performing arts teams now have access to the same data as elite sporting teams and can manage the health and performance of their performers like the elite athletes they are.

Read how the Royal Ballet School in London uses VALD technology to test, monitor and individualize the training loads of their dancers.

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Elite technology available to every team.

We want your team - no matter how big or small - to succeed.That’s why we partner with you on your journey to implementing VALD technology. We are with you every step of the way as you introduce new processes into your organization, so that you can improve the outcomes of your athletes, your team and your staff.

We have a specialized team with performance and clinical expertise to assist you. We strive to provide personalized service, face-to-face. 
Every VALD client is given one-to-one onboarding and help when they need it. Your success is our success.

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World-class client support

With team members in time zones covering the globe, our support team is available to help with any issue, at any time of day.

How we help you >

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World-class client success

Our client success team is made up of practitioners and coaches with real-world experience who help you get the most out of your VALD systems.

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World-class education

Learn how to apply VALD technology your way, on your schedule, using our extensive knowledge base, case studies from fellow users, webinars with industry leaders and more.

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Speak to our team.

Our team is here to help you get the most of your VALD technology.

We are a solutions-focused company so if you have something you want to better understand, we want to help you find a way to measure and track it. 


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