MLS data wrap-up: what did strength and power look like in Major League Soccer from 2016 to 2021?

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In the lead up to the 2021 Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup, VALD Data Scientist Josh Ruddy visualised the data from athlete tests conducted on VALD systems since 2016.

Ruddy's Report

The following infographic includes regular season data from: 

  • 15,000+ Nordic tests 
  • 3,500+ hip adduction tests 
  • 15,000+ Countermovement Jump (CMJ) tests 

conducted in Major League Soccer since 2016. 

The first figure shows a summary of data for Nordic force, hip adduction force, and relative concentric peak power from the 2021 regular season. The figures following show the distribution of these results (along with the medians and interquartile ranges) across the years.

While the results haven’t changed significantly since the introduction of VALD’s NordBord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks to the MLS, the number of tests conducted has increased. Season 2021 saw an increase of nearly 5,000 Nordic tests, 2,500 hip adduction tests and 1,000 CMJ tests.

Wishing the Portland Timbers and New York City FC the best of luck as they head into the 2021 MLS Cup!

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