Female Professional Athletes: Nordic and Hip Ad/Ab Results

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The following figures highlight the age-based distribution of Nordic, hip adduction and hip abduction strength results from over  300 female athletes across elite Australian rules football, Rugby League, and football (soccer) teams. 

From the data collected, it is evident that there were no large differences in strength measured across the various age groups. 

These figures should serve as a reference point for high-performance professionals working in similar sporting codes with female athletes.  


In a recent VALD Performance online workshop, ‘Injury risk reduction training in female footballers: Evidence from the literature‘, Tyler Collings discusses major lower limb injuries in female football athletes and risk reduction strategies for specific lower limb injuries. 

Based on the studies conducted, female athletes are at higher risk of sustaining a lower limb injury; specifically, three times more likely to sustain an ACL injury than men. This level of risk is significantly higher in the youngest age bracket of female athletes (15-19) as compared to the older brackets. This highlights the need to tailor injury prevention programs and risk mitigation strategies in female athletes of different ages. 

To see the full workshop by Tyler Collings, visit https://valdperformance.com/adolescent-series/  

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