Portable, powerful, easy-to-use force plate system for analyzing jumps, strength, power, asymmetry and more.



Force plates made fast.portable.intuitive.affordable.easy.

No longer confined to research labs and elite sporting teams, ForceDecks’ lightweight, portable force plates and intuitive app make it easy to assess your athletes’ strength, movement, asymmetry and balance. No biomechanics degree required.

Whether you work in team sports, olympic sports, performing arts or first responders, you can use ForceDecks to benchmark, monitor and rehabilitate your athletes.



Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Historically, force plates were notoriously difficult to use and their data was notoriously difficult to interpret.

ForceDecks changes that. Simply pair with your plates via the ForceDecks app, select your patient, perform a test and watch their results appear immediately, in terminology that makes sense to you and your patient.


Assess jumps, strength, asymmetry and more.

ForceDecks automatically detects and assesses over 20 different movements, from squats to jumps and from isometric strength to functional tests such as sit-to-stand and balance assessments. There’s a test for almost any patient or musculoskeletal pathology.

Countermovement Rebound Jump

Land and Hold

Countermovement Jump

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull

Drop Jump

Quiet Stand Balance

Countermovement Rebound Jump

Land and Hold

Countermovement Jump

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull

Drop Jump

Quiet Stand Balance

ForceDecks Vision: Force data and video, together at last.

ForceDecks Vision helps makes complicated force data simple.

Just use your iPhone or iPad camera to capture video of your athletes as they perform any ForceDecks test, and your force data and footage is automatically synchronized, annotated and ready to jump to any key moment.

Is your athlete’s knee is collapsing at the end of the eccentric phase and resulting in force asymmetries? Simply tap, scrub and show them.

Introducing Norms: integrated normative data.

We know that force plate data can be intimidating and overwhelming. Norms help overcome these challenges.

A common question from athletes is “Was that result good?” With Norms, you can now answer that question with confidence.

Based on millions of data points and integrated directly into VALD Hub reports, Norms give you robust, reliable reference points and helps bring context to your athletes’ data.


Center of Pressure: the new standard for balance assessment.

ForceDecks measure not just how much force your athlete is producing, but where they’re applying it. Whether you’re working with extreme sports athletes, dancers or athletes with lower extremity injuries or concussions, Center of Pressure (CoP) allows you to assess a range of balance tasks with pinpoint accuracy.

New to CoP? Read our breakdown here.


Built for performance and portability.

ForceDecks dual, uniaxial force plates automatically detects and assesses over 20 different movements, including a range of jump types, isometric strength and functional tests such as squats and push-ups. There’s a test for almost any athlete, sport or performance goal.

Three ForceDecks models

Whether you’re looking for portability, size or capacity, there’s a ForceDecks model that will suit you and your patients, all with the same easy-to-use system.

Not sure which is right for you? Read our Buyer’s Guide.


Fully validated

“ForceDecks and laboratory plates show less than 1% difference in over 200 metrics [and] mean bias of under 2.5N (and 0.1mm for COP) across all analyzed tests.”

Collings, et al. (2024)


Test and travel with a range of accessories.

ForceDecks offers a range of optional accessories, including:

  • Travel cases

  • Upholstered safety surrounds

  • Portable isometric testing rigs

  • Full-size isometric testing racks


We know that force plates can be daunting.

We offer a range of educational resources, training and support to help you and your team understand and get the most out of ForceDecks, along with all of your VALD products.


Payment plans that suit your business.

Choose to pay annually, quarterly, monthly or even weekly. The choice is up to you.

Plus, you won’t be charged a premium for paying in smaller, more manageable amounts.


Looking to test other physical attributes?

Portable, Modular Dynamometers

Need something that can fit in your backpack but is still capable of hundreds of strength and movement tests?

High-Repeatability Strength Testing

Looking for greater precision during strength testing or looking to test multiple muscle groups at once?

Movement Analysis

Need to measure ROM in multi-joint movements or understand movement quality and compensation strategies?

Speak to our team.

Our team is here to help you get the most of your VALD technology. We are a solutions-focused company so if you have something you want to better understand, we want to help you find a way to measure and track it.


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