Intuitive and versatile all-in-one handheld dynamometers and inclinometers.

Dynamo: Handheld Strength & Rom

Hundreds of tests from the palm of your hand.

With modular and ergonomic designs, intuitive data collection and one-click reporting, DynaMo allows you to assess your patients’ strength and range of motion (ROM) in hundreds of tests across every major joint in the body.

Bringing a new level of precision to your assessments and streamling your workflow, DynaMo allows you to spend less time working on your patient and more time working with them.


Push, pull, grip and ROM. It's like four devices in one.

Combining tension and compression force measurement, dedicated grip measurement and inertial measurement into one system, DynaMo is capable of performing almost any test imaginable.

Use DynaMo handheld, fix it to a wall, bed or cable for additional reliability or even attach it directly to your patient's limb.


Assessments have never been so engaging.

Real time strength and movement visualizations make the DynaMo app extremely engaging, gamifying the assessment process and making it easy for both you and your patient to understand how they’re performing and how they’re progressing over time.


Cut down on notes.
Log results automatically.

No more hand-writing results after each test or trying to remember your patient's previous result. Simply select their name, run the test and watch their results appear in real time, then automatically save to their profile.

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Streamline your workflow with test batteries.

Easily select your commonly-used tests for any combination of body parts, strength or ROM, and build a sequence you wish to perform with your athlete, then move through them seamlessly one by one.

Shoulder I-Y-T
Test Battery


Build buy-in with
your athletes.

Your athletes’ results are no longer confined to siloed systems or spreadsheets. Show them their results in real time through the DynaMo app, share detailed progress reports via VALD Hub or print a report with a click.


Three models.
One easy-to-use system.


The world's most advanced handheld dynamometer and inclinometer.


Compact and versatile handheld dynamometer and inclinometer.



Highest capacity and fastest sampling DynaMo for the most demanding tests.


Payment plans that suit your business.

Choose to pay annually, quarterly, monthly or even weekly. The choice is up to you.

Plus, you won’t be charged a premium for paying in smaller, more manageable amounts.


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